Plastic lens array for enhanced AI Enplas Corporation Enplas Inc. (hereinafter, “Enplas”) and VI Systems GmbH (Berlin, Germany, hereinafter, “VI Systems”) announce a new technology in Multi-Mode Fiber Technology for Enhanced AI and Cloud Computing Interconnects The rapid expansion of enhanced AI and Cloud Computing is driving the need for advanced, cost-effective and energy-efficient short-distance optical transmission solutions. Enplas and VI Systems are strategic partners and are collaborating to develop innovative MMF transmission properties using Multi-Aperture Single-Mode VCSELs (vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers) and our optimized plastic lens arrays. As a result of this collaboration, the transmission distance at 53 Gbaud (or 106Gbit/s PAM-4) been extended by 2-4 times as compared to conventional Multi-Mode VCSELs going presently beyond 200m of worst case OM4. Through this joint research, we will enable sustainable growth of the interconnect technology, essential for enhanced AI and Cloud Computing infrastructure. This project will be jointly presented by VI Systems GmbH and Enplas Corporation at the ECOC Exhibition in Frankfurt, from September 23-25, 2024. We will contribute to society as an optical transmission technology for the future.

Plastic lens array for enhanced AI Enplas Inc.

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Date : July 1, 2024