Design and Manufacturing

Our scope covers value engineering, collaborative design, and design to specification for customer specific optical and optoelectronics modules. We focus on design services for datacom intra-system, intra-rack, on-board  and chip-to-chip data links.

See some examples of the technologies that were developed and manufactured in VI Systems on our Technology Transfer page.

Optical Coupling

With our experience in the development of fiber coupled devices we create and simulate optical subassemblies and optical components for multi mode and single mode fiber coupling as well as free space beam geometries.

VI Systems Gmbh Services Thermal Modeling

Thermal Design

Fiber optic assemblies need mechanical stabilities in the µm and sub-µm range and a larger temperature range. We are able to simulate the mechanical as well as thermal behavior of components and subsystems and can predict the quality of the thermal management of your system in the design phase by simulations using the 3d- finite element method.

VI Systems VCSELs for datacom

Customized VCSEL and Photodiodes

Optical transmitter and receiver components can be suited to your special application. It is possible to design special components with extraordinary performance like very high speed, special spectral or emission characteristic which are needed for sensing, lightning or communication.