VI Systems GmbH (VIS), is a developer and manufacturer of optoelectronic components for optical communication and sensor applications.

For optical communications VI Systems offers integrated circuits, optical components, such as vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) and PIN photodiodes and subassemblies for up to 224 Gb/s per channel. For sensing VIS offers cooperation in design and manufacturing of high power single mode VCSELs and custom laser designs. The company also offers engineering services, wafer mapping service and 3D modeling of thermal and electro-optical properties as well as technology transfer projects.

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The company is based on a team of engineers and scientists which combine unique experience in advanced research and development, scaled industrial production and standardization to ensure lasting leadership of the company in the rapidly growing field of optical technologies.

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VI Systems concentrates on design, development and IP protection of advanced optical and electronic components and subassemblies with furthers technology transfer to customer facilities and/or own manufacturing through a chain of foundries. The company offers advanced optical and electrical testbeds up to 128 Gb/s complemented by a range of optical characterization techniques such as near and far field, IR imaging of the oxide-confined aperture region, focused ion beam (FIB) etching of micro-devices in combination with transmission electron microscopy and chemical analysis of the extracted films. VIS operates an automated device inspection facility on a wafer level and offers the described characterization facilities to customers.

State-of-the art SiGe BICMOS integrated circuits matching the performance of ultrahigh-speed optical components are assembled in a proprietary high frequency single-or multichannel design to delivery outstanding performance over a wide temperature range.

VI Systems offers a range of subcomponents for applications in short reach optical interconnects and develops customized solutions for optical links. The company covers the complete development chain from top to bottom leveraging the advantages by close integration of the stages.

The optical engines offer a unique combination of high speed, low power consumption, small footprint, high reliability, low cost and IP protection through 10 granted US patents and the related patent families.

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