VI Systems offers 50 Gbit/s NRZ modulator driver for Silicon Photonics

VI Systems offers 50 Gbit/s NRZ modulator driver for Silicon Photonics

VI Systems offers a driver IC for optical modulators which are designed for data rates of up to 56 Gbit/s non-return-to zero (NRZ) at 3 V modulation voltage. The IC is the first generation of ultrahigh-speed driver IC in SiGe BiCMOS technology.

BERLIN, Germany, July 14, 2016

VI Systems GmbH, a leader in ultra-high speed optical components for data communications, introduces the A50-300C90 driver IC for optical modulators. The target applications are in silicon photonic and integrated optoelectronic solutions for short and medium reach optical data transmission in datacenters and high performance computers. The driver IC is designed for the use in high speed optical transmitters with serial data rates of up to 56 Gbit/s. The device is capable to modulate at very high frequencies with single ended input voltage swing of 259 mVpp.

The A50-300C90 driver IC is designed for voltage modulation of 3V. The supply voltage is specified with 3.3 V. The dimensions are 1000 µm x 700 µm. The power consumption is specified with up to 300mW.

Future serial NRZ standards are currently developed within Common Electrical Standard (CEI-56G) and Fibre Channel (64GFC) as well as in a number of customer specific applications.


The A50-300C90 chip is available as engineering sample in die form.

Press Contact:
George Schaefer
VI Systems GmbH
Hardenbergstrasse 7
10623 Berlin, Germany
phone: +49 30 30 831 43 41
fax:    +49 30 30 831 43 59

About VI Systems
VI Systems GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany, is a fabless developer and manufacturer of components for optical communication For more information visit

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