VI Systems launches 50G ROSA for 900 – 1350nm wavelength

VI Systems launches 50G ROSA for 900 – 1350nm wavelength

VI Systems introduced first multimode fiber coupled receiver modules for data rate of up to 50 Gbit/s with a form factor matching SFP transceivers. The new generation of modules is based on high-speed PIN photodetectors for the 900 – 1350nm nm wavelength range and includes customized amplifier electronics with low power consumption.

VI Systems GmbH, a leader in ultra-high speed optical engines for data communications, introduces the R50-1300 receiver optical subassembly (ROSA) for data rates of up to 50 Gbit/s. The receiver includes a PIN photodetector within a spectral range of 900-1350 nm and a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) in an extremely compact high frequency 90 GHz micro-package. The receiver TO-style package is coupled with a 50 um multi- mode fiber. The dimension of the assemblies is 6 mm by 6 mm effective diameter matching SFP transceivers. The test device with an overall length of 40 mm includes a plastic boot for strain relief of the optical fiber. The T50-1300 devices are supplied with a high-frequency adaptor board which features a differential electrical output through RF connectors (V-type).


Screenshot: 1310nm eye diagram at 50 Gbit/s

The R50-1300 requires a supply voltage of 3.3V. The overall power consumption is specified with 110mW. The ROSA includes a VIS photodetector chip in combination with the latest generation of transimpedance amplifier chip from VI Systems to ensure maximum performance at low power consumption.

Target applications are short reach optical transceiver modules and systems in the datacenter industry.

Press Contact:
George Schaefer
VI Systems GmbH
Hardenbergstrasse 7
10623 Berlin, Germany
phone: +49 30 30 831 43 41
fax:    +49 30 30 831 43 59

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